Herps Tripan Tetra

Zaailing B16-04
(F. paniculata, tetraploid)
F. triphylla
(No. 7 van P. Berry)
Bijzonderheden: opstaande bloem, bloeit in schermtrossen.
AFS description:   ‘Herps Tripan Tetra’ – No 8803 (Waldenmaier 2018) Single. Upright/trailer. COROLLA: half flare, round shape, smooth petal margins; opens & matures light rose (73C); 7mm (1/4") long x 5mm (3/16") wide. SEPALS are horizontal, tips reflexed; light purple (74C) upper surface; light rose (73B) lower surface; 12mm (7/16") long x 3mm (1/8”) wide. TUBE is light rose (73B); medium length, thin; 15mm (9/16") long x 3mm (1/8") wide. STAMENS extend 5mm (3/16”) beyond the corolla; light rose (73C) filaments; light yellow (10D) anthers. PISTIL extends 10mm (3/8”) beyond the corolla; light rose (73B) style; light reddish purple (73A) stigma. BUD is elongated. FOLIAGE is dark green (137A) upper surface; medium green (137C) lower surface. Leaves are 80mm (3 3/16") long x 40mm (1 9/16") wide, elliptic shaped, wavy edges, acute tips, acute bases. Veins are green, stems & branches are red. PARENTAGE: tetraploid F. paniculata x F. triphylla. Lax upright or stiff trailer.